Daytime Activities


Our Cognition Philosophy

In the simplest terms, your dog’s brain is in a constant state of growth and development. while you are away at work, your kiddo may be left to entertain themselves, and let’s be honest, the tv just doesn’t cut it for them. we are here to promote healthy brain development via positive brain games and physical exercise.



Scheduled as a block of time


Potty Breaks

By appointment


**Lunch & Learn

1 Hour Mid-Day or Evening



    -Potty Break

    -Brain Games

    -Action Item/Trick

**Coached Walks

20 Minutes: $15

30 Minutes: $20

60 Minutes: $30

Complimentary 15 minute exit lesson required after every fourth walk.

$.50 travel fee/mile applies for trips over 20 miles

**The use of asterisks indicates this service is available for purchase as a package. Please contact us for package pricing information**