Justin Alexander

CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer)

CGC Evaluator

I have been building my career in pet care and devoting my work and life to animals for over a decade. I have been training dogs of all breeds and ages for the last four years. My first ever job was daycare attendant at a boarding facility where I learned about canine safety and socialization in group settings. I served as kennel manager at a local animal shelter where I gained some of my most meaningful experience assisting in the rehabilitation and proper placement of high risk animals in adoptive homes. I have a special interest in curbing reactivity and aggression - based behaviors through non-aversive, non-punitive means. To me, there is no feeling more gratifying than gaining the trust of a fearful dog. I am committed to continued education and am currently pursuing additional certifications. 


Shandie Roberts

Canine Trainer & Enrichment Specialist

I have been a devoted lover of all things living since I was very small. In all honesty, I couldn’t begin to tell you where my love of animals comes from, because it definitely wasn’t inherited. After working several years of food service, I decided it wasn’t fulfilling and decided to put my love of animals to work. I began working at a Dog Boarding Facility and Daycare and learned everything I could about the way our fur-kids brains worked and why they do the things they do. I also gained a lot of experience handling dogs and enriching them at a local Siberian Husky rescue.I enrolled in a Veterinary Technician program and am working hard towards gaining a Wildlife Rehabilitation permit, as well as Training certifications. There is nothing more rewarding than gaining the love of a dog and making them happy.


Cierra Stewart

Pet Care Specialist/Sleeper Agent

I grew up surrounded by the love of animals.

From dogs and cats, snakes to fish,I’ve always love the feeling I get being around these creatures. I started working with dogs when I was 18. I’ve learned so much from watching their behaviors and listening to seminars online and through fellow pet lovers. I am constantly learning new things and falling even more in love with all things living. There is nothing better than the feeling of love you get when you’re with an animal.

I highly recommend! The dedication and personal investment that Justin shows every dog that crosses his path is immense. He is an extremely talented trainer and caregiver. He truly “speaks dog” and has a very unique ability to reach even the toughest to train dogs. He only uses positive reinforcement techniques and is completely trustworthy. Don’t hesitate to hire and your dog will be very happy you did.
— Kim Blair
We totally trust Shandie with the care of our pups and know that they will always have a great time with her. We have known Shandie for over two years and value her in depth knowledge of dogs. She is a very caring person. Our dogs love her! We have known Justin for over a year as he successfully trained our youngest Shiba.
Training a Shiba is a big challenge - Justin is excellent!
— Kathy Kebo
On the Nose has been a lifesaver for us with our two high energy pups! From walks, to love, to lots of helpful training. Both Justin and Shandie take great care of our dogs and we feel confident leaving them in their care.
— Stephanie Bewley